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At FOTONIQ, we believe that greenhouses are the future of agriculture

Get to know us

Joe Kao en Sadiq van Overbeek
Managementteam FotoniqHet zorgvuldig mengen van onze duurzame PAR+ coatingSadiq van Overbeek inspecteert de PAR+ coating van dichtbijPascal Wilmsen doet metingen in bij één van onze klanten zijn kas

Together with FOTONIQ

With an increasing demand for healthy and sustainable food. With less and less arable land available for agriculture. With increasingly volatile weather conditions globally. With decreasing globalization and supply chains. We at Fotoniq see an increasing need for high-tech greenhouses to provide our growing population with healthy fruits and vegetables, produced in the most sustainable way in terms of resources. We are here to make these high-tech greenhouses even more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

Driven by sustainability

Our mission is to bring food security to the world by helping growers increase production in a sustainable way. This resulted in the most durable and recyclable spray coating in the industry, significantly reducing the waste streams from seasonal coatings.

Made in Delft

We are a high-tech spin-off company from the Delft University of Technology, located in Delft next to the Westland. We work together closely with the research institutes and industry partners from the sector to ensure product leadership.

All about the people

We are an enthusiastic and diverse team of innovators from all over the world. We share a passion to make real impact, and a curiosity to learn from each other. We believe that in the end ‘it is all about the people’.


Joe Kao op een kasdek onze PAR+ coating aan het aanbrengen

Join our mission

Real impact is not realised overnight. It needs time and effort from as many people as possible. If you are in any way inspired by our team, mission or product, and if you can in any way help push the needle in the right direction, please reach out to us below!

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