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Optimise Lighting for Greater Profitability

PAR+ is a sprayable coating that brings diffusivity without losing grow light. With PAR+, you can generate up to an expected €200k profit per hectare greenhouse.

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Sprayinstallatie voor onze PAR+ coatingHet resultaat van onze PAR+ coating wordt nauwkeurig gecontroleerd

Why PAR+?

More PAR light, more yield

PAR+ is a sprayable coating that brings diffusivity inside your greenhouse year-round without losing grow light (PAR). Measurements from the lab and results from clients show that with PAR+ you can generate an additional €200k profit per hectare greenhouse.

More diffusivity, less heating

The diffusivity of PAR+ offers a better distribution of the sunlight in the greenhouse. It reaches lower lying leaves, reduces crop stress and lowers the temperature inside your greenhouse. This results in less class 2 produce, increased crop growth and the possibility to leave screens open and windows closed for longer periods of time trapping CO2 and humidity for optimal growth circumstances.

More durability, less waste

PAR+ adds value during all seasons, replacing the need for applying and removing seasonal coatings. Saving on the costs and hassle thereof. Resulting in at least 10x less waste material over the lifetime of PAR+. The positive impact of PAR+ can also allow for adjusting the lighting strategy and decreasing the amount of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) from LEDs. Saving on their electricity costs.

Easy application

PAR+ was purposefully designed to be compatible with the industry. It can be sprayed on top of existing and new glass greenhouses. Using traditional spraying methods like a spray gun, machine, helicopter, plane, or drone. After application the greenhouse can still be washed and brushed normally with water. Without affecting the minimum 8-year lifetime of PAR+.

What is PAR+?

Making sunlight diffuse before entering the greenhouse has numerous scientifically proven advantages. It provides more evenly distributed light. Entering deeper in the greenhouse and reaching the lower parts of the crops. Both resulting in higher crop yields. Diffusivity also ensures more evenly distributed heat inside the greenhouse, which reduces the peak temperatures of the crops. This limits the need to ‘air’ the greenhouse by opening the roof-windows to lower the peak temperatures. Reducing the need for supplying additional CO2.

PAR+ Technology

Bosch Growers - Bleiswijk

Bosch Growers is a modern family business since 1854 that grows green bell peppers and blackberries. 560m2 of the PAR+ coating has been applied in 2022 at the start of a new crop cycle. The area of bell peppers grown under PAR+ will be tested and compared to a similar sized reference area.

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"With PAR+ we can boost crop yield of all glass greenhouses with at least 8%"

— Willem Kesteloo, Co-founder & CEO FOTONIQ

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