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Get to know our team of ambitious colleagues innovating the greenhouse industry.

Sadiq van Overbeek

CPO and co-founder Par+

Willem Kesteloo

CEO PAR+ and co-founder

Jarno Klein

Data Analyst Intern

Guido van Stekelenburg

Plant physiology intern

Giacomo Bosco

Optical Design Engineer

Rudolf de Boer


Michael Kamal Rizk

Optical (Aerospace) Engineer Intern

Gerrie van der Beek

Management assistent & office manager

Pascal Wilmsen

Production Engineer

Katarina Condric

Chemical Formulation Intern

Joe Kao

Technology and Operations Manager of PAR+

Joris de Leeuw

Customer Quality Engineer

Chiara Battaglia

Lead Formulation Engineer

Bob Vonk

Business Developer

Lucia Camila Tasende Rodriguez

Chemical Formulation Intern

Julius Monchen

R&D Consultant