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PAR+ by PHYSEE becomes PAR+ by FOTONIQ

January 19, 2023

The innovative PAR+ horticulture coatings will be further commercialized by FOTONIQ, a spin-off company from PHYSEE.

The growing need for high-tech greenhouses

The team behind PAR+ was inspired by the increasing need for high-tech greenhouses to provide our growing population with healthy fruits and vegetables, under increasingly volatile climate conditions globally. This fueled their drive to make greenhouses even more sustainable and efficient, and has led the development of their PAR+ coating for the last years.  

Their patented nanoparticles in the PAR+ coating make the incoming sunlight diffuse without losing grow light (PAR). This increases crop yield year-round with at least 8%, for at least 8 years long. A sustainable, durable, and profitable spray coating for glasshouses all around the world.

During the first critical years of development, the product could mature under the wings of PHYSEE. Now having achieved significant traction in the market, it is time to spread their own wings and continue as the independent company FOTONIQ.

After successful pilots in ’21 and ’22, FOTONIQ has their first large scale projects and partnerships lined-up for ‘23. This year will be a year of accelerated growth, for both crops as well as the company itself.

FOTONIQ would not be where it is today without truly innovative growers from the industry. Koppert Cress and Bosch Growers, who collaborated with us already from the early days, thank you for accelerating us this far. We strive to continue doing so in the many years to come.

FOTONIQ Identity

FOTONIQ is a high-tech spin-off company from the Delft University of Technology, located in Delft right next to the Westland. They continue to work together closely with the research institutes and industry partners from the sector to ensure their product leadership.

FOTONIQ believes that greenhouses are the future of agriculture. This guides the company’s vision and long-term aspirations, from strategy to talent philosophy, and beyond. The people behind FOTONIQ are a driven and passionate team from all over the world. Sharing a purpose to make real impact, a curiosity to continuously develop themselves, and a drive to learn from each other. The brand identity of FOTONIQ captures exactly that.

We are dedicated to make high-tech greenhouses even more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.
– Willem Kesteloo (CEO and co-founder)

Are you interested to know more about our PAR+ product and what it could do for you, or the team behind FOTONIQ? Feel welcome to drop by for a coffee and chat at our office in Delft, at the Ampèreweg 16. Or visit www.fotoniq.com

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